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About Mark
With a lifelong interest in complimentary therapies, I found my passion lay with Reflexology and the amazing stress-busting benefits it brings!  
Good to know
Fully qualified (Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology) and insured for your safety and comfort.  Full Member of the Association of Reflexologists.
Areas Covered
Currently, it’s just me and my Reflexology chair, treating clients up and down the Northern Line in my spare time!
My honest vision for Sandy Feet Therapies is to share my passion for Reflexology by providing high quality treatments for my clients, taking into account their physical needs and expectations. 

I am also trained in Hand Reflexology, Reflexology for the older clients and Hot Stone Reflexology. 

Most treatments take place in client’s houses (on a couch for example), but I have been known to do treatments outdoors under a tree on sunny days, jazz music on the radio and chatting about what is going on in the client’s life – it really is bliss!


Treatments and Price List

Below are a list of treatments and prices.  Appointments can currently be booked for weekends only, in your own home.  If you have any questions or have other suggestions or ideas please do contact Mark at Sandy Feet Therapies on 07791 223 754.
 Regular Appointments
The first appointment consists of a 30 minute discussion about your current health and expectations of the treatments, followed by a full 60 minute treatment in your own home.
Any following treatments are 60 minutes, including review.

Group Treatment
A session for a group of friends to be booked back to back, each having a 20 minute taster treatment.  Great for a pre-wedding weekend, party or when you just need to chill out with friends one afternoon!
£15 per person

Introductory Learning Session
Half Day session is available for individuals who are interested in finding out more about Reflexology.  Consists of a 90 minute discussion about Reflexology, followed by a full 60 minutes treatment.    Reflexology books and charts provided.
 Speaking Session
Perhaps you have a meeting and you are looking for a speaker on the topic of Reflexology.  Ideal for special interest group meetings / parent& toddler groups / coffee mornings etc.  This may include demonstrations and taster treatments for willing participants!

Reflexology is the non-invasive use of specific pressure points on a client’s feet or hands, to stimulate organs and reflexes in the body.  Clients need only remove their shoes and socks to enjoy a rewarding reflexology treatment.

Clients are left with a feeling of calmness, reduced stress and improved general well-being. 

Please note, Reflexologists do not diagnose or claim to cure illness or disease.  Reflexology is a complimentary therapy and is therefore performed alongside existing medical treatment and advice.

Contact Details
Telephone:   07791 223 754
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